Grace Music

     Betsy and Ruth Ann have worked so hard during the holiday season that I thought I would give them a break and a little praise. 

     As you probably know, my voice is not choir quality but I love the choir so much I don’t want to leave.  These two dedicated ladies have made it so much fun and select music we all love to hear and sing. 

They are constantly treating our group with food or door prizes so we will listen to our CD’s.  They bribe us quite a bit.  However, Ruth Ann doesn’t mind telling the guys, “That was terrible—try it again.” and Betsy reminds us to smile and assures us we will do fine on Sunday morning.

     I can’t forget Skip.  He does our devotion each Wednesday night.  He always gives us food for thought along with a couple of jokes to make us laugh.  What a treasure he is.

     So if some of you with good voices want to join the choir and the choir loft fills up, I will step aside with regret but feeling very blessed to have been a part of this wonderful group.

       Praise God with a song, Reba


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